Glacier Bay Old Ice New Land

Glacier Bay Old Ice, New Land  by William D Boehm

 Release Date: June 7,  2014

Hardcover, 12.3" x 9.1", 178 pages; 280 photographs, 2.5 pounds

$45.00 cover price and signed, Discounted $38.00 unsigned

Glacier Bay Old Ice, New Land is a natural history and award winning photographic book that explores one of the earth's last primeval places, a spectacular landscape penetrated by fjords, home to wildlife including whales, seals, sea lions, sea otter, moose, mountain goats, brown and black bear, wolverine, bald eagles and puffins. More than a half million visitors come to this UNESCO Biosphere Reserve in  Southeast Alaska's northern pandhandle, drawn by its unspoiled natural beauty. First published in 1975, and now with a completely updated text and more than 250 photographs by the author, William D Boehm takes the reader on his beginning experience as a park ranger in Glacier Bay in 1972, then shares over 42 years of subsequent exploration and interpretation of this glaciated and mountainous landscape of incredible beauty. Each chapter covers individual topics ranging from geography and geology to plant succession, stream development, marine birds, and marine mammals.

William D Boehm is an author, nature photographer and environmental scientist whose work has won several awards. His photographs have appeared in many books including National Geographic Our Awesome Earth and Alaska's Magnificent Parklands,Sierra club and Time-Life, and in magazines including Smithsonian, International Wildlife, Audubon, Sierra, and National Geographic Kids. He is the author of a previous book Glacier Bay, Old Ice New Land initially published in 1975.


S.C.Bailey, Owner Pacific Catalyst Alaska Natural History Tourson July 2,2014

AN UPDATED LOOK AT GLACIER BAY "This is an updated look at Glacier Bay National Park and worthy of a good read, a long enjoyable view of the photos, and an informative narrative about the Park and its history and natural wonder. Anyone taking a cruise or visiting Glacier Bay should purchase this book and read it to illuminate and further enhance their own adventure there. Through our business, Pacific Catalyst, we visit the park yearly and this year have taken this book along to share with our guests. William Boehm has been a guest aboard our boat, Catalyst....once in Glacier Bay, as he gathered more photos and material for his book. It is a pleasure to see the completed creative work." 

Alaska Travel News Bulletinby Alaska Travel Media, State of Alaska, Jennifer Thompson  July 2, 2014

"Written by longtime Alaskan William Boehm, "Glacier Bay Old Ice, New Land" is a photographic natural history book that delves inside a glaciated land penetrated by fjords home to several species of majestic Alaska Wildlife. First published in 1975, Boehm begins the adventure with his first experience as a Glacier Bay park ranger in 1972, then continues his journey covering more than 42 years of exploration and interpretation of this mountainous landscape."

‚ÄčAlaska Lieutenant Governor Mead Treadwell on July 10,2014

WONDROUS BOOK ABOUT A WONDROUS PLACE "This is a beautiful book about a beautiful, rapidly changing place. I consider this book as essential as its predecessor for the visitor because it does so much to provide a perspective that adds to the one you will get as a visitor by whatever mode-air tour, curise liner, small boat or kayak. William Dryden Boehm is an old hand in Glacier Bay, and he has helped thousands appreciate this wondrous scene and natural history."

James R Lemckeon September 4,2014

MAJESTIC BOOK FOR A MAJESTIC LAND "This stunningly beautiful book should be available on every cruise ship line that goes to Glacier Bay! The photos are majestic, the text is wonderfully written by William D Boehm who obviously spent a lot of time traversing the area. He eloquently shares his passion and knowledge of the land and it's inhabitants in a way the John Muir would ecstatically praise if he were still alive today...what more can be said? This book is a must have and if you've not been to this national park you will want to go there after perusing this beautiful book!

PHOTOGRAPHY EQUIPMENT: Nikon FE2, Nikon Fm, Nikon D300 bodies, Manual focus Nikkor lenses: 300mm f4.5, 28mm f2, 105mm f2.8 and 180mm f2.8