Glacier Bay Old Ice New Land

Glacier Bay Old Ice, New Land Natural History Photographic Book of Glacier Bay National Park Alaska

William Boehm first encountered Glacier Bay National Park his first season hired as a park ranger in 1972 at the age of 25, and has since explored this vast wilderness for 42 years. He has retired from his professional career as a senior ecologist and environmental scientist restoring wetland, riparian stream and salmon river habitat projects for King County Department of Natural Resources, Washington State. He has guided natural history trips throughout the world, and documented in photographs these explorations in National Geographic books, Sierra Club and Time-Life books, and Audubon, Quest, National Geographic Kids, International Wildlife and Smithsonian magazines. His stunning images and poetic description of Glacier Bay reveals his subject with passion and zeal, interjected with humor and personal experiences interwoven with natural history.

William received his BS in Forest Sciences with a minor in zoology, and an MS in Wildlife Science in 1968 and 1972, both from the University of Washington. William has four adult children who have joined him in exploration of Glacier Bay in the past, and continues to explore and defend wild areas throughout the American, Asian, and African continents. He lives in both Bothell WA where he resides with his wife Djainiaty, and during the winter in Singapore, and is involved in Christian mission support worldwide.

One half of all profit proceeds go to World Vision, a Christian relief organization to help children and the poor worldwide World Vision is based in Federal Way, WA

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Glacier Bay Old Ice New Land 1975 Edition